India e Tourist payment and website problems – Updated 2018 – An easy solution

Indian E-Visa website problems

It was a revolutionary decision taken by the government of India to liberalise it’s visa process so as to attract more foreign tourists to India.

As part of this step, India E-Tourist visas were introduced in 2015 to ease up the visa application process. Applicants only have to fill up a simple form online and make payment against it to get an online Indian visa.

E-Visas were supposed to make the whole process easier than it was before but unfortunately because of poor implementation this became one of the most abysmal system one can ever find. India Visa website is an unreliable portal.

In this article we will discuss in detail about the India E-Tourist visa website and payment problems.

Some of our customers takes so much of effort to finish the application form and fails to make a successful payment in 3 attempts resulting in getting their application ID blocked and having to reapply again.

Understanding these issues, we give a 50% discount to customers who wants our help only to make a payment. We charge only $25.


What to do when India visa website is not working ?

“Patience is a virtue”

One needs to have a lot of patience to use the India visa website. It is one of the abysmal and unreliable visa processing systems implemented by a country as important as India. The portal is not implemented properly making it crash almost every time.

The website is unable to handle traffic due to the poor maintenance of the servers. One can expect the website to crash/ become unresponsive any moment.

The solution ? Expect your application to take time and may need several attempts before you can complete the form. The only solution to this problem is to have a dedicated and expert visa agent who monitors the situation continuously and who has a lot of patience to keep trying till the application is made.

Did your India E-Visa payment fail and you need help ?

Unlike the application portal, here you need to be lucky enough along with having tons of patience to get through this. Where is the fun in getting through this payment portal easily ?

SBI (payment gateway) is to be blamed for this, because their ePay solution cannot accept international cards (the irony)


You need to keep in mind that you only get a maximum of 3 attempts to make the payment successful. Your application ID will be blocked if you fail the third time.

The bank servers cannot handle traffic well, there are risks of the payment failing almost every time. In fact, there has been instances where the customer completes the payment, but do not get an acknowledgement of the same several hours later.

The only reliable solution to this problem is to make someone go to any of the branches of SBI to make a payment against your application. This works only if you haven’t finished using all three attempts. If you know someone in India who can do this for you, you can ask them for their help.

You can avail our service for a mere charge of $25.

Need help with making payment for India E-Visa?
How to pay for Indian visa application ?

Indian Government offers two payment methods.

  1. SBI epay
  2. Axis Pay

Unfortunately both of these methods are not reliable. You can make use of our dedicated and expert agents to complete your visa application and take care of the entire process for you if you choose to use our service.


Which payment method is better for India visa ? SBI ePay or Axis bank ?

Axis bank is preferable for European customers because of higher success rate. SBI ePay is better for American citizens. None of them accepts American Express. Therefore you have to use other cards if you have an AMEX.

How long does it take you to confirm our order and get my Indian E-VISA once I place the order ?

Once you have placed a request on our website to help you process your India E-Tourist visa, we will assign one India visa expert to work on your application.

The expert will get in touch with you within 2 hours . Once you have give us all the information needed for us to continue with your visa application, you can expect a confirmation of successful application form our end.

Within 2 working days, your visa will be approved and email to you.

How do I pay you for India visa application ?

You will need to fill in the below given form and pay us Visa fee + $25 . We will start processing your application ASAP.


How do I know that I will not be scammed ?

We at Indiavisa gives immense importance to user privacy. We do not keep any of your information/card details in any of our servers. You are protected by Paypal buyer protection which enables you to reclaim the money you paid us if you are unhappy with our service via Paypal. You can always check our customer reviews online.

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