All You Need to Know About India Business Visa

India business visa

India is a nice place to visit. In fact, the country has a myriad of business opportunities. And, when you have the opportunity to visit this incredible country on business, we reckon you make the most of this opportunity. While the Indian government has facilitated both offline and online visas, the latter is easy to avail. Nevertheless, only over 165 countries qualify for India e-visa. Accordingly, the same countries can also apply for India business visa online.

So, let’s understand the India business visa and conference to choose the best option that serves your requirements and purposes better.

About India Business Visa

Before getting into India business visa, let us understand which countries are eligible for India e-visa and which nations must apply for an India visa the traditional way (offline via Indian Mission)

Refer to the India visa policy map


India visa policy map

Do you need a business visa for India?

While India business visa is inevitable to visit the country for a multitude of business purposes, only two countries – Nepal and Bhutan have the Freedom of Movement in India. Apart from this, there is India visa on arrival applicable to the citizens of South Korea, Japan, and UAE*

India visa on arrival applies to all the major Indian e-visa categories. That is, the India visa on arrival is issued to these eligible countries for tourism, business, conference, and medical purposes.

Note*: It is conditional visa on arrival for UAE passport holders. 

 India Business Visa Fees

What do I need to know about business travelling to India?

Earlier, we established that foreigners travelling to India on business require an India business visa. While over 165 countries are eligible for an India e-business visa or business e-visa, the rest must apply via paper application, which entails the visa interview, verification, etc.

India business visa important points to remember

  • You can apply for a business visa to visit the country for business-related purposes*
  • You cannot use it in place of employment visa
  • It is important to ensure that you are not visiting the country to lend money
  • Or to start a business small-scale or otherwise
  • Business visitors must always comply with the tax liabilities in India
  • You may use it for tourism purpose but not otherwise

Business-related purpose includes and not limited to attending business meetings, trade fairs, to recruit people for your business, for attending GIAN, etc.*

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More about India e-business visa

To summarize, business e-visa has a validity of 365 days or one-year. It is a multiple-entry visa and entitles you to a stay period of 180 continuous days.

On the contrary, an offline business visa may have a validity of up to 10 years. Needless to say, applying for e-visa is rather convenient as it does not involve visa interview. Moreover, the processing time is far lesser when compared to the offline process.

While the online process has its advantages, one major disadvantage is that the e-visa application site, which is the government site is prone to crashes. Meaning, if the details you have entered is not saved, you would be required to fill in the online application from scratch.

Thus, online visa experts make it convenient for you by applying for India e-business visa on your behalf. It saves you both effort and time.

India e-conference visa

Issued to foreigners intending to visit for conferences, it grants a stay period of 30 days only. Unlike the business visa, it is a single-entry type visa.


One may apply for an India e-conference visa only if the conference organizers have uploaded the details and documents on

How much does an India business visa cost?

The cost of India e-business visa may go up to $80 and this does not include the bank charges of at least 2.5%.

How can I get a business visa for India?

It is easier to apply for your India e-business visa with IndiaVisaInfo. We have a simple online procedure where you need to upload the common documents and we will handle the rest.

Listed below is the step-by-step application process

  • Visit and fill the “India visa request” form with your basic information
  • Pay $3 as an initial amount to proceed with your application
  • Upload the documents required for visa processing
  • We will fill the application form on your behalf
  • We will share the filled application for review and confirmation
  • Once you confirm or suggest changes, the same shall be shared for review
  • The next step is making the rest of your India visa payment
  • Get your visa via email
  • Download and take a printout of your visa

What are the e-business visa requirements to India?

List of common mandatory documents

1. Passport

  • Passport with a validity of at least six months from the date of application
  • Also, the passport must have a minimum of two blank pages for entry and exit stamps at the immigration office
  • For e-visa, a colour-scanned copy of the passport’s biodata page must be uploaded in PDF format only

2. Photograph

  • The photo must be taken against a white background
  • Your face – forehead to chin must be clearly visible
  • The photo must be devoid of frames or borders
  • Avoid wearing glasses and religious headgear
  • If unavoidable, ensure the glasses do not glare and at least 80% of the face is visible

Additional requirements determined by the purpose of visit

  • Business card if applicable
  • Permission or leave sanction letter issued by the applicant’s current employer/company
  • An invitation letter from the India-based company stating the purpose and duration of visit

For foreigners visiting to deliver lectures under the GIAN initiative

  • An invitation issued by the host university
  • For foreign faculty: a copy of the sanction order under GIAN if applicable
  • A copy of the synopsis of the course taken up by the faculty

For conference e-visa

  • Letter of invitation from India
  • Proof of Residential Address

The bottom line is applying for an Indian e-business visa gets easier with a trusted visa agent. For information on an offline business visa, visit your nearest Indian Mission.

India e-business visa FAQs

1. When should I apply for my e-business visa?

Ideally, we recommend you to apply at least a week (7 to 10 working days) before your intended business trip.

2. Can I use my business visa to attend short-term business courses?

Yes. However, the short-term course must not exceed six months.

3. Can I start a business using my e-business visa?

While the purpose may be business, one cannot start or invest in a business in India using this visa.